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To effectively market to subscribers, service providers need to be a lot more agile and responsive to market trends and changing subscriber behavior.  The Sixth Sense Media RLM solutions not only execute real-time campaigns but also generate a massive amount of customer data providing valuable insights.  Data that can be used to adjust existing campaigns, create new ones and identify new revenue opportunities. Marketing professionals are aware of the need for a data-driven approach, however, most marketers are stuck engaged on common pricing and services bundling and are simply overwhelmed by the possibilities.

Sixth Sense Media with its Managed Marketing Service brings in a specialized service that will help you analyze the customer data, identify revenue opportunities and streams and enable you to launch targeted campaigns.

In a typical Marketing Engagement, or subject expert will work with your marketing or business staff to:

Competitive Analysis

Understand and mapany specific business priorities and competitive landscape.

Marketing Performance Review

Analyze and demonstrate the current customer life cycle within the client’s business including the different customer contact points (channels) that are currently utilized for reaching out to the end customer. This includes a review of current campaigns already deployed, an analysis of marketing expectations, budgets as well as the feedback on the campaigns and their performance to date.

Identify Relevant Customer Data Streams

Identify and review additional data and event sources. The Sixth Sense Media solution offers powerful real-time ‘in-the-act’ marketing, and service providers are not always aware of the events available that could trigger offers and other marketing messages.

Perform Customer Base Analysis

Analyze customer segmentations and profiles. In the Sixth Sense Media world, customer profiles include hundreds of data points, providing micro-level input for campaign targeting and allowing for an in-depth analysis of campaign impact and effectiveness. In order to analyze campaigns effectiveness, first a detailed understanding of the current subscriber situation is needed. Typically, business priorities or focus areas are additional input to this task; is the service provider lagging in VAS revenues, data subscriptions, off-peak network usage, mobile wallet acceptance, etc.

Define Customer Engagement Strategies

Identify, design and launch new campaigns. As part of the marketing service, Sixth Sense Media typically manages all business operational aspects in customer lifecycle management. An integral part is the ongoing campaign monitoring and reporting. Sixth Sense Media is a strong advocate that marketers remain engaged on a continuous basis such that corrective actions can be taken immediately. Unlike mass-marketing campaigns that cannot be changed after the initial launch, Sixth Sense Media’s real-time event-triggered campaigns are continuously engaging with your subscribers and provide instantaneous actionable The marketing department is often bogged down with too many other tasks. One of the main reasons to subscribe to Sixth Sense Media’s marketing services is precisely this capability to analyze campaign impact and subscriber behavior in real-time, and propose adjustments or notice additional revenue opportunities.

Execute, Adapt and Report

Generate campaign reports and update marketing plan. It can be very tempting to get lost in analytics and lose sight of the overall marketing goals. Therefore, Sixth Sense Media’s services team will distill the appropriate level of information and provide (campaign) overview reports as well as the high level executive reports that drive your longer term marketing plans.

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