network monetization

Platform Presentation

Sixth Sense Media Network Monetization is a voucher based platform that can help communication providers monetize on their services.

It allows innovative bundling and presentation of the communication services, either as simple pre-paid recharges or air-time bundling of voice, data, vas or even 3rd party offerings.

Platform Presentation

Three main monetization solutions are available

  • Secure Recharge Server (SRS) intended for monetary voucher and e-voucher management
  • Airtime Bundling (AR) intended for selling air-time access through vouchers or on-demand. Any telecom or third party services and products can be bundles.
  • Credit Transfer (CT): Credit solutions to stimulate call compleation: Share-A-TopUp, Post-Aid-TopUp, SOS TopUp

One of the most important differentiators of the SSM Network Monetization Platform (NMP)are the specialized Customer Engagement functions which are design for increasing and securing on long-term the revenue streams for the mobile operators. Gamification, Promotions and Rewards are part of the marketing layer capabilities available in the NMP.


Full voucher management: Complete management of scratch cards and e-vouchers.

On-demand vouchers: Automate and reduce voucher logistics by generating and delivering them in real time.

Credit card reloads: Internet topups with credit card payments to any service provider.

Partner reloads: Secure recharges on ATMs, ticketing machines, POS, and other devices with financial and commercial partners.

Airtime bundled packages: You can now innovate and make new exciting offers by bundling minutes or SMS, MMS and Internet traffic in great value packages for the subscriber.

Gamification: Social based engagement models.

Promotions: Top-Up Stimulating Marketing Tactics

Rewards: Build-in loyalty schemes.

Distribution networks: Integrated street-vendor modelto build large distribution networks with partners.

MVNO integration: Full support of MVNO partner recharge services and manage multiple MVNOs.

Pay as you grow: With flexible deployment you canactivate exactly the recharge methods that you need, when you need them.

Secure PIN creation: The vouchers are automatically encrypted before being stored in the database. The voucher output files are encrypted by the server using GnuPG (OpenPGP).

Unified architecture: Flexible and modular architecture for optimised and high-performance processing.

Standard interfaces: Centralised and secure web service and CORBA API simplifies the integration of the server in your network.

Flexible Product Catalogue


  • 100’000’000 batches
  • 100’000’000 vouchers / batch
  • Scalable from tens to hundreds of millions of subscribers
  • Tens of millions of pre-generated / on-demand vouchers activated per day