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Our customers generate tens of millions in incremental revenue through mobile advertisements and offers delivered at the right time, the right place and right context on any device over any mobile channel.

 We customize our library of successful market-proven templates to help you monetize your customer relationships and their demographic, behavioral, location and contextual information to up-sell your network services and open new channels for optimized & personalized third-party advertising revenues.

We are 100% focused on maximizing mobile operator revenues as a carrier-side network / service.




Real Time Mobile Analytics, Engagement & Advertising

Sixth Sense Media’s Real-time Life cycle Marketing platform empowers marketing department to create and deploy highly personalized, location and contextually relevant, interactive customer engagement campaigns.

The platform monitors in real-time customer events and behavioral pattern.

When the right conditions are met the platform pushes the best match or even a personalized offer or ad to the customer. This guarantees high success rates for your marketing initiatives.

 Key features

Dynamic and Real-Time Profiling

Dynamic profiling of consumer behavior in real-time based on real-time processing of all network data streams.

Real-Time Targeting

Trigger next best offer or ad in real time based on consumer actions.

Marketing Expertise

Measurable business value from day 1. The mobile engagement platform incorporates a library of market-proven customer-engagement techniques.

Telecom Products Upsell

Upsell & Cross-sell Re-loads, Equipment, Voice, Data, Apps, VAS & service packs and bundles. Introduce and sell new services like M-Wallet, M-Money, Game Subscriptions, Music Subscriptions, etc.

Real-Time Communication and Fulfillment

The platform is capable to engage and communicate interactively on multiple channels such as SMS, USSD, IVR, WEB, EMAIL. Complex orchestration flows can be executed for auto-provision network elements or back office systems

Real-Time Revenue Measurement

Offer responses and ad performance are reported in real time together with the revenue upside generated

Massive Scalability

The platform have been build with scalability in mind, and proven to process of billions of transactions per day


Higher Acceptance Rates

Offer acceptance rates of up to 20% (6%–8% on average)

Telcom Revenues Boosting

Increase top-up revenue upsell by 10%–20%

Unleash New Revenue Streams

Telco can monetize on their existing customer base and CSR channels. New revenues can be activated from Mobile Advertising,   OTT Services. Apps, etc.

Better Control over Marketing Campaigns

Conduct and measure trial offers against real-time control and target groups.Change offer parameters dynamically and instantly measure the performance improvements.

Quick Time to Market

New marketing idea scan be launched within days instead of weeks or months. No big-bang project, the platform can be rapidly integrated in existing environment  as an “adjunct process”, complementing the  existing BI/ Campaign management systems




Customer Loyalty

Customer Retention Platform (CRP) is the SSM platform for operating innovative loyalty programs. With its unique real-time profiling and segmentation capabilities, the CRP is able to help telecom operators put in place effective rewards programs intended to decrease churn, increase loyalty and brand awareness.

The rewards program can be offered to high revenue customers or to the entire customer base. Through the loyalty program the operator can give access to customers, based on their value to free telecom services, discounts on accessories, devices, branded items, etc.

With CRP customer can go beyond traditional loyalty programs by engaging the consumers with 3rd parties and partners. They can create their own club in which customers enjoy benefits with third parties (restaurants, shops, service providers, etc). 

 Key features

Professional Loyalty Programs

Enrol and incentivize consumers in Loyalty / Reward / Points / Club programs.

3rd Party Program for Retailers

Extend Club to include local & national retail & service provider partners.
Earn, Transfer & Redeem points for telecom services or partner products and services.
Offer advertising and marketing capabilities to retailers. Supports thousands of partners campaigns to executed in parallel.

Next Generation Loyalty Platform

Integrate gasification, social networking and customer acquisition tactics, combine points, offers and ads to maximize consumer engagement & upsell.


Churn Reduction

20-40% reduction in customer churn

Customer Acquisition

Increase customer acquisition by 3-5%

New Revenue Streams

Support for advertising and retailer campaigns.

Efficient Loyalty Programs

Productive proven to reach up to 92% point conversion leaving no residual liabilities.




Network Monetization

Sixth Sense Media Network Monetization (NMP) is a voucher based platform that can help communication providers monetize on their services.

It allows innovative bundling and presentation of the communication services, either as simple pre-paid recharges or air-time bundling of voice, data, vas or even 3rd party offerings.

One of the most important differentiators of the SSM Network Monetization Platform (NMP) are the specialized Customer Engagement functions which are design for increasing and securing on long-term the revenue streams for the mobile operators. Gamification, Promotions and Rewards are part of the marketing layer capabilities available in the NMP. 

 Key features

Full voucher management

Complete management of scratch cards and e-vouchers.

On-demand vouchers

Automate and reduce voucher logistics by generating and delivering them in real time.

Credit card reloads

Internet top-ups with credit card payments to any service provider.

Partner reloads

Secure recharges on ATMs, ticketing machines, POS, and other devices with financial and commercial partners.

Airtime bundled packages

You can now innovate and make new exciting offers by bundling minutes or SMS, MMS and Internet traffic in great value packages for the subscriber

Build In Marketing Modules

Gamification: Social based engagement models. Promotions: Top-Up Stimulating Marketing Tactics. Rewards: Build-in loyalty schemes


Highly Performing

Over 100,000,000 batches. Over 100,000,000 vouchers per batch. Scalable from tens to hundreds of millions of subscribers. Tens of millions of pre-generated / on-demand vouchers activated per day.

Pay as you grow

With flexible deployment you can activate exactly the recharge methods that you need, when you need them.


Marketing Services

Sixth Sense Media managed services team leverages the company’s unique real-time trigger-based marketing platform to deliver a custom managed services offering in collaboration with the operator’s marketing team. The team is staffed by experienced personnel who have handled multiple such roles in the marketing departments of mid to large size telecom companies with a proven track record of successfully generating sustainable business results.