Sixth Sense Media operates a Carrier Side Network focused on maximizing mobile operator revenues through the targeting, delivery and optimization of real time mobile advertisements via our rules-based engine.

Advertisers and Ad Networks
The Sixth Sense Media monetization module is designed to help carriers, retailers, and brands take full advantage of the marketing opportunities that exist in mobile.

Sixth Sense Media assists carriers to create new and better monetization streams by leveraging their user insight data.  The monetization module evaluates carrier data to derive in-depth demographic, behavioral, and socio-economic insights that can enable partners to efficiently use targeted ad impressions to lower the audience acquisition cost for advertisers, while increasing the ad relevance for consumers and delivering a better return for all stakeholders.

We combine our platform rules-based data analytics capabilities, with advertiser and ad network partner demand, to serve relevant advertisements and offers to carrier’s users, thus exploiting their insights effectively to enhance the overall customer experience.  Sixth Sense Media partners with the world’s leading advertisers, networks and ad sources to bridge the gap between audience insight, mobile ad inventory and advertising performance.

Ad Technology Companies
Sixth Sense Media offers ad technology partners a completely new concept around display ads: from the click-through to the walk-through.  In this paradigm, a Sixth Sense Media call-to-action can be placed in any display ad; offering an incentive for the consumer to visit locations and initiate a text-based check-in.  In this way, Sixth Sense Media enables a measureable, geo-tagged marketing response to any display ad as well as creating an opt-in consumer for follow-up targeted, geo-sensitive marketing.

App Developers
Sixth Sense Media offers developers a powerful extension of their marketing reach with brand and consumer apps.  Sixth Sense Media can be deployed as a parallel messaging-only marketing program to complement an app-centric program.  Simple messaging via Sixth Sense Media provides an easy, lightweight “on-ramp” for the consumer.  In addition to its core location-texting service, Sixth Sense Media also offers its app developer partners a highly innovative client-side smartphone technology component that radically enhances intelligent selection, personalization, and management of in-app offers.